Technical Supply

The experienced Gemlik Ship Chandler technical staff are doing their best to understand the needs of our customers and the various options for satisfying each customer profile. Our expert partners in the ship supply market help us to supply quality technical equipment at competitive prices. Provides all kinds of ships for decks, engines and cabins; * Spare Parts, Valves, Electric Motors, Bearings, Couplings, Hoses * Anchors, Chains, Wires, Hawsers and Ropes, Shackles and Swivels * Piping and Mounting, Pneumatic and Electrical Appliances, Flanges, Sockets, Plugs and Cables * Machine Multi-Ends and Dividers. Key Sets, Brush Sets * Security and Anti-Piracy Equipment, Fire Protection Products * Gloves (leather palm, rubber, winter gloves), Boots (rubber, safety, oil / acid resistant) * Lubricants, Insulation Materials, Marine Paints and Chemicals * Navigation, Sign and Rescue Equipment

Gemlik Ship Chandler


Head Office Gemlik/Bursa

Telephone +905366007821